FTIA and the Sohn Investment Conference in NYC

Exciting news item related to FTIA and the Sohn Investment Conference in NYC.

We submitted two ideas to the Sohn Ideas contest this year
(Bristol-Myers Squibb and Cabot Microelectronics) and we won one of
the four “finalist” designations granted by Sohn.   The Sohn
Conference is a really special event.  It’s been likened to the “World
Series” for analysts and portfolio managers that pitch ideas.  The
event is a huge fundraiser to benefit pediatric cancer (over $3mm in
NYC this year and over $90mm from inception to date) and it takes
place at Lincoln Center.  By virtue of our winning a finalist slot, we
agreed to attend the event and be prepared to pitch our finalist
designated idea (which was Bristol-Myers Squibb).

This is another way we try to “put our thumb on the scale” for
investments in which FTIA and its clients have a strong interest.

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